May 14, 2015


The Food Scene in Placencia Belize

It was a partly cloudy beautiful 84 degree day in Placencia  when we arrived. After settling in and unpacking, we went grocery shopping for our daily breakfast needs. The evening arrived and we were hungry!


We began walking down Main Street and smelled some yummy BBQ. It was very dim outside, but I noticed a man (coincidentally has the same name as me, Rick!) barbequing at the corner near the bus stop benches. I thought to myself that smells so good! Right then he must have felt my vibe and yelled out, “Best BBQ Chicken right here!” I immediately stopped and asked my boss (wife) if she is feeling the BBQ. She was game! So, for $16.00 BZD/$8.00 USD we got two chicken BBQ dinners with BBQ Beans and Macaroni Salad with soft yummy hand made tortillas. It was great!

Day 2, we went to Rick’s Café on the sidewalk side. I had to try the pizza and it was great! Candy, my wife, had a yummy fish sandwich that she really enjoyed! We shared great conversations with some really nice locals while enjoying dinner on the patio. As you know my name is Rick, which is why I had to eat at Rick’s Café on day 2. I had to make sure it lived up to such a great name and it did! After dinner we walked to get some gelato at Tutti Fruitti which was yummy! As we walked down Main Street we saw a restaurant called Dawn’s Grill. Guess What? My sister’s name is Dawn. I told Candy that we will eat at Dawn’s Grill for dinner on Day 3!

Ricks Cafe

Dawn’s Grill was amazing! Candy had a great local caught fish and I had the creole style conch. We both loved our dishes! Dawn had special holiday eggnog cocktails that were so good that we both had like 3 of them! We decided to share our ironic name connection with our fantastic server Jolie, who is also the editor of the Placencia Breeze newspaper. We explained how we ate at Rick’s Café the night before because of its name and that we are at Dawn’s Grill because its my sisters name. She then said “Rick is my boyfriend and Dawn is my mom!” She was the local that we were talking to at Rick’s the night before. These were definite signs that this place was really special and we couldn’t wait to move to Placencia in July 2015!

Dawns GrillDawn's grill


On day 4 we went to the Cozy Corner for the Crab Claw Special. It was really good and the thick garlic bread was awesome! It was on the beach and we really enjoyed our food.

Cozy Corner

On Day 5 we took our friend David Kafka to the Secret Garden for dinner as he has been a great advisor to us regarding all things Placencia. The dining area was very beautiful and the food was very tasty. I had Grouper for the first time and Candy had a filet of some other local fish. As we were enjoying the ambience we were lucky enough to hear the festive music  and went outside to see the Christmas Parade! It was a very memorable night!

Secret GardenSecret Garden 2Secret Garden3

For our final dinner in Placencia we went to Brenda’s by the Pier for her Christmas Day Buffet. We had a plate full of great food and some yummy cashew wine! We were stuffed and happy leaving her spot!


All in all, we did not have a bad meal in Placencia. It was all good! We will be frequenting all of those wonderful places when we move there in July for sure! There are so many other spots we have yet to try and we are looking forward to that in a huge way! It wasn’t only the fresh amazing food that made our dining experiences so fantastic, but it was the beautiful warm friendly people of Placencia that made our experience there so much better! You feel more like family than a customer and that is priceless.


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  1. Nick says:

    I want to spend a weekend there for sure, sounds delicious.

  2. HARVEY says:

    Kathy and I wish you all the best on your new life adventure on June 21st. We all have chapters in our book of life and I have a feeling this will be an exciting and fun filled one for both of you.

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