September 29, 2018

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Settling into Life in Placencia

Whoa! These past few years have flown by! Let me get all of you coffee lovers all caught up!

Within 8 months or so of living here I began to acquire all of my needed Belizean materials to make my hand crafted coffee soap. I formed my Belizean corporation. I also had spent my free time fixing up the beach house and creating our garden and wooden decks to travel on around the house with ease.

I began to make lots of coffee soap and coffee sugar scrub to supply the local stores.  I also began to make some amazing hand crafted coffee liqueur and Belizean fresh roasted coffee which I added to the Rick’s coffee line of Belizean Coffee Products.

In case any of you are wondering why I began to make coffee liqueur–well here’s why….One day I felt like having some coffee liqueur in my coffee so I went to buy the ole standby “Kahlua,” I was shocked to see the $118.00 BZ price tag (due to liquor from Mexico being taxed at 70%) So, I said to myself, “Rick, you can make some with my fresh roasted Belizean coffee, raw organic Belizean sugar and no BS caramel colors and additives! I began to research, try out about 9 different methods and recipes until I came up with my current formula which is getting rave reviews and really tastes fantastic! I’m currently working to get it into more bars and resorts out here. I’ve held over 54 blind taste tests putting my Belizean coffee liqueur against Kahlua and I am proudly undefeated at 54-0!

Besides filling my day roasting coffee, making soap, scrub and liqueur, I am so honored and happy to have teamed up with the award winning tour company Taste Belize to teach a comprehensive history filled class  about ..yes you guessed it…Coffee!!!!

My beach front coffee class will turn the average coffee drinker into a coffee historian and a professional in various methods of preparation. My guests in the class will experience coffee being roasted, take part in making their own coffee sugar scrub and experience a real coffee cupping sampling 2 varieties of freshly roasted coffee from different coffee growing regions. For more info please click on the link here> >. ( ) So that covers pretty much everything going on here on the business side of things.

Let’s face it though, it’s not all about work! We got to be sure to stop work and sharpen our tools! When Candy and I are not working we spend lots of time outdoors. We kayak, go for lots of walks, country drives and just exploring this beautiful country. We stay very busy with the Placencia Humane Society too! ( Candy traps the feral cats for the monthly clinic to get their shots and spayed/neutered. We currently have 7 dogs here with us in our tiny house! Its always full of love here! We are always happy to see visitors and introduce them to beautiful Belize!

My next blog  I will share pics of our newest business endeavor. I’ll give you all a sits on the beach, about 90 steps from the water and will be ready for you very soon!

Remember! Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

Sending positive vibes and blessings to you all!

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  1. Michael Angell says:

    Amazing what you two have done. Glad to see you enjoying life in your beautiful new home. Sounds like life has come around beautifully for you. Ant wait to try the liquor.

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