November 6, 2014

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Say NO to the Pumpkin Spice Holiday Creamer!

With the holidays around the corner I felt the need to share the pitfalls of these ever so popular sweetened non-dairy creamers. You know, all those yummy dessert sounding creamers that are presweetened like Dolce De Leche, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint…there are so many.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients listed on the bottle? Have you thought to yourself…, “Hmmm, if this is non-dairy..what is this liquid I’m consuming? Well, it’s primarily hydrogenated soybean (GMOs) and/or cottonseed oil (w/GMOs) and the other 15% is mostly artificial flavors. The term hydrogenated is simply whipped up oil with added chemicals (to create the milky appearance). The purpose for hydrogenating the oil is to allow it to mix with the coffee and not float on top as oil would.

Do what makes you happy, but with all of the amazing foods, desserts and treats available during the holidays, why consume this? Many of the ingredients used in these creamers are indeed really bad for you! To get all of the facts including the fact that these creamers are actually flammable, check out all of Dr. Mercola’s findings and watch the video of non-dairy creamers flammable side!

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