May 5, 2014

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Why I love coffee and its not Starbucks..its home roasted.

Hi everyone! I am so excited to finally share my passion with the world! My name is Rick and my favorite hobby and passion is Coffee! I love coffee and all aspects of it. I have been a home roaster for more than 11 years.

It all started when I was at a tiny coffee shop that roasted its own beans. I ordered the “house blend” and could not believe the flavors I was tasting! It was an awakening experience in more ways than one. I had to ask the barista if there were flavors added to the beans. He assured me that it was the amazing flavors in the bean that I was tasting. Well, that lead me to think….”why don’t I taste those deep, rich, caramel, nutty, berry undertones in my coffee? I would buy whole beans from “Starbucks” and “Seattle’s Best” for over $10.oo a bag and ground them” and then I would ask myself…”It’s not like I am making stale ground canned coffee?! ” My curiosity began to percolate. I began to study coffee and learn everything I could about this amazing seed of a fruit! This picture is of me in Maui at a coffee plantation. The coffee bean is inside the fruit that looks like a cherry.


I now roast 2-3 times a day. I understand everything about the climate of coffee growing regions, the affect of surrounding plants, spices and fruit trees have on the flavor development in the coffee and how important “fair trade” is within the coffee growing world.

I can now listen to a client, neighbor or a friend tell me what flavor notes they really enjoy in coffee and then I roast it for them to enjoy. The smiles, their head shaking in disbelief and the “Wow” I get when they take that first taste and realize they are sipping something so amazing.

This brings me to the reason why I am doing this blog. I want to share that experience and teach and show what I have learned. If you love coffee, keep checking in. I will be blogging a new topic at least once a week regarding green beans, roasters, roasting methods for home, storage, grinders, drip vs french press and coffee tips.

I want to be your “Coffee Coach.” I want to hear from you!  Any questions you might have, comments, feedback, stories. You can email me directly at  Don’t forget to Connect with me via twitter @ RicksCoffee,  Check out my facebook page @  Rick’s Coffee and you can see the introduction to my coffee channel on youtube @ RickLovesCoffee.

Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Until next time… be well.

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