June 4, 2014

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My favorite methods to prepare the best, most flavorful Cup of Joe

With so many choices at our finger tips, what is the best method of all? Well, I have tried them all and here are my opinions based on my flavor, texture, acidity and aftertaste preferences.

But wait! Before we even talk about the method of preparation let’s address how important the grind of the beans are! If you are using cheap or store bought coffee that is already ground you are drinking stale coffee regardless of how you prepare it. It has already lost 60-75% of the flavor it once had. So, make sure you buy fresh roasted coffee from a local knowledgeable coffee roaster (like myself) who can provide you with the freshest beans with a “roasted on” date. Once you have some great fresh coffee,  make sure you grind only the amount you are about to prepare. Never grind the entire bag all at once! Next, make sure you are not using a cheap “spinning blade grinder”….you know the ones that have a spinning blade on top kind of like a blender. The problem with those is that they will not provide you with an uniform grind. You will have some that have been obliviated into powder and some that are still coarse.  There is no consistency with the grind.

Depending on the method you choose to prepare your coffee, there is a different level of coarseness needed for the various methods. For example, my two favorite methods for preparing my coffee are #1 The French Press and #2 The Moka Pot. The French Press method requires a coarsely ground coffee bean, as the moka pot is best with a more finely ground coffee bean. To achieve the exact uniformed  ground coffee, you need to use a  “burr” grinder. This grinder is a little more costly, but well worth it!. You can select the coarseness you prefer and the amount of ground coffee  you need with the push of a button! Ok, so now we understand the difference between a Burr grinder and a spinning blade grinder.


Let’s move on to making some amazing coffee!

If I am wanting just one great cup of coffee, I use my “moka pot.” The moka pot is made in Italy by a company called Bialetti and can be purchased even at Target. To see exactly how to make coffee utilizing this method please check out www.youtube.com/RickLovesCoffee and you will find the “how to” from step 1 to the finished cup!

Moka pot

The method I utilize when I am making up to 5 cups of coffee is the “French Press.” There are many makers of a French Press, but they all share the same basic principles. You need to heat clean filtered water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit , (which is the best temperature for maximum flavor extraction), pour about 2 cups into the pot, add the coffee, mix and then fill the French Press to the top. Set the lid and screen on top and let it steep for 4-5 minutes, then press the screen to the bottom. Again,  to see exactly  how to utilize this method, check out how to make coffee with a “French Press” on www.youtube.com/RickLovesCoffee.

French Press2

Please leave any feedback, ask any questions and I will respond. If you have another coffee related question that you would like me to address with a video..just leave a request in the comment section or send me an email to rickscoffee1@gmail.com. I reply to all inquiries. If you enjoy reading my blog please subscribe! You will be notified when I post a new one. It may even be me responding to your request!

Remember! Life is too short to drink bad coffee!


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