Hi there! My name is Rick. After living in Los Angeles and Chicago I am now happily living in the Caribbean country of Belize in the beautiful small fishing village of Placencia. I was an army medic. I am a retired landscape contractor. I am an avid football fan and an animal and nature lover but most of all I am a coffee connoisseur. I have always loved coffee! When I was a toddler my mom put some in my milk bottle “to add a little flavor.”  Well, it grew to be a passion of mine. I thought that “Starbucks” was the best you can get until I tasted FRESH ROASTED COFFEE!  Since moving to Belize I am unable to get green coffee beans from around the world, but thankfully I have acquired some wonderful local growers from the Toledo District in Southern Belize that are growing some fantastic coffee beans. I have also been making the best all natural exfoliating coffee soap and scrubs that are available locally here as well as my coffee liqueur. For my latest venture I am proud to be part of  Taste Belize (<–click on Taste Belize). I will be conducting an in depth course on everything coffee from the humble beginnings in 800 AD to the current roasting techniques that create today’s amazing choices and flavors. Coffee is truly my love and passion!



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    Congratulations on starting this fantastic blog. You are a coffee expert and I am always learning something new from your vast experience. I have never been dissappointed in any of the coffee that came through you.
    Maybe one day there will be Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea and Rick’s Coffee all over the U.S.

    1. says:

      Thank you Harvey,
      I appreciate your kind words, and I will continue to exceed your coffee expectations with every roast I prepare for you!

  2. Robert says:

    Congratulations on this new venture! Your path is one of giving and that is to be recognized.

    1. says:

      Thank you Robert!
      Let me know when you would like your custom roasted beans with the specific flavor profiles you would like to taste…

  3. Bill Hicks says:

    Your Coffee knowledge and mastery are off the charts. You are truly the best. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. says:

      A million thanks to you as you are the reason this actually came to fruition! You planted the seed in my brain and Candy and I made it sprout and grow! Your welcome, I love sharing my coffee passion as you all know…

  4. Kathy Youngman says:

    Congratulations on your new venture! I’m sure you will be very successful as all your other ventures!

    1. says:

      Thanks Kathy!
      I appreciate the kind words of encouragement! I look forward to seeing you and Harvey soon!

  5. Kat Tom says:

    Hi Rick,

    We are so excited for you and your new adventure. We remember your exuberance after your first “roasting and taste” with your own roaster. This, coupled with your passion for all things that grow, is the quintessential combination for your future success! I look forward to reading your blog and learning more!!

    1. says:

      Thanks Kat!
      I have been wanting to share my passion with the world for a very long time! Thanks for subscribing, and if you haven’t seen and subscribed to my channel you should! I will be posting at least one new video every week. Please share this info with all of your friends, I also am always happy to custom roast a batch for you!

  6. Diane says:

    So excited you are pursuing your passion for the stimulating and delicious world of coffee. You are just the person to extract the best from the world’s amazing coffee beans. Looking forward to new videos. All the best to you!

    1. says:

      Thank you Diane!
      Believe me, I am super excited as well! I’ve been wanting to share my coffee passion with the world for a long time!

  7. Kevin says:

    Go rick go! Best coffee maker out there dude.

    1. says:

      Thanks Kev! I appreciate the kind (but oh so true) words!

  8. Simon Jin says:

    Rick’s coffee is finally publicized… prime fashion, love da coffee, love da blog, great work!

    1. says:

      Thank you Simon!
      We have been sipping coffee since poker nights on Davis Street in Skokie Illinois in 1991! Thanks for always being such a great friend!

  9. P.A.T. says:

    The coffee is superb, but what is more important is the guy behind the bean. One thing you can trust with owner Rick Felman is that he stands behind his product. Every cup…every bag…every taste down to the last drop. You would have to fly to Columbia to match the quality of his brewing. Rich deep roast flavors are a garentee with his bags. Just Give it a try and I promise you you’ll be STAR STRUCK!!! & Not StarBucks

    1. says:

      Thank you P.A.T.!
      It makes me so happy to know how much you enjoy the coffee I roast for you. I take a lot of pride in the roast profiles I create for each type of bean I roast. I will continue to learn and develop my roasting skills with every new batch. By the way, your newly roasted bag is ready for pick up!

  10. Simon P. Warren says:

    I do not drink coffee all the time but when I do I drink Ricks.Congratulations Again.

    1. says:

      Thank you Simon! I look forward to sharing a cup with you again soon!

  11. Judith A. Carbino-Hicks says:

    Simply the BEST coffee one will Ever encounter. A MUST try. Look Out Starbuck’s! Here comes Rick!!

    1. says:

      Thank you Judy! It’s all about the roast, and enjoying the coffee within 11 days of the beans being roasted. Time, light and air are flavor erasers for the magical bean!

  12. Yolanda White says:

    Hi there Rick,

    My good friend Judy Carbino-HIcks recommended your site. If Judy says you’re good, you must be!

    I wish you much success.


    1. says:

      Yes Yolanda, My coffee and coffee soaps are really good! You can now visit my site and purchase some amazing fresh roasted coffee and my other hand made coffee products!

  13. Carlos D says:

    Everyone needs to check out best coffee EVER !!!!!

    1. says:

      Carlos, I thank you, and I totally agree!

  14. Regina Giszpenc says:

    Rick I am so impressed with your coffee soap! I have been using it for a week and definitely see results! Smoother skin for sure! Thank you for this product, number one on my stocking stuffer list!

    1. says:

      Thank you Regina!
      I have been hearing similar results from many others. I am thrilled to know how different this amazing coffee soap is compared to other soaps out there.

  15. Candace says:

    My husband makes the best coffee! I love it when he is doing a roast because the aroma comes thru the upstairs window and
    fills the house with smell of something yummy baking. I also love the soap. Its so exfoliating and just the hint of coffee perks me up.
    I just love how passionate my husband is about coffee!

    1. says:

      AWWWW, Candy That is so nice of you to say! I am so lucky to have such a supportive wife!
      I Love You!!!!

  16. Jade says:

    I just tried the coffee soap for the first time yesterday and absolutely loved it! Not only is it exfoliating but moisturizing at the same time. I have extremely sensitive skin but reacted really well to this soap! Also love that it’s all natural, You can’t beat that! Great soap for a morning shower, the burst of coffee essence really gives you energy and great start to your day.

    1. says:

      Hi Jade!
      Thank you for those kind words describing my coffee soap! I made this soap for myself and Candy for those same reasons you mentioned! My sensitive skin would react to the chemicals in most commercially made soap. I am so glad my soap is helping your sensitive skin too and I’m looking forward to being here for your future All Natural Coffee Soap needs!

  17. Linda Rumsey says:

    WOW..Look out Starbuck’s. I had the pleasure of trying Rick’s Columbian Popayan Supremo Coffee and it is the best. Hardy coffee full of flavor. Give your tastbuds a treat and try Rick’s Coffee. I am axious to try the Coffee Bean soap. Rick explained the excellent value of the soap for my skin. Rick has some excellent products hand made fresh daily. No more Starbucks…time for a cup of Rick’s coffee. It is the best.

    1. says:

      Well said Linda!!!
      I thank you so much for those amazing (but true) compliments of my fresh roasted coffee! I always say that time is the true enemy of coffee…Time will suck all of the flavor out any coffee bean! You get to enjoy my fresh roasted coffee during what I call the COFFEE GLORY TIME! Which is the third day after roasting through the 14th day. At that point is when the flavors begin to vanish. Let me know when you are ready for a bag Linda!

  18. Wendy Dutwin says:

    Rick, I received one of your gift baskets this weekend as a gift. The Colombian Popayan Supremo and Indian Chikmagular roasts blew me away. I thought I was a coffee snob- I will pay top dollar for a coffee from Lamill in Silverlake, but your coffee REALLY gives them a run for their money. And I was also impressed with the coffee soap, which was so moisturizing. What a great gift you have, following your passion and allowing others to have an incredible coffee experience. Your motto is so true- life is too short to drink bad coffee! Happy Holidays and thank you again!

    1. says:

      Hi Wendy!
      Thank you so much for appreciating the balance and flavors I create with the coffee I roast! I cant wait to roast more for you! I always have different fresh green coffee beans in stock! Right now I have some AMAZING Indonesian! I am all about chasing your passion! I have a special deal on my coffee soap right now too!

  19. Linda Rumsey says:

    You know the expression “I love the smell of coffee in the morning” Well you have not truly enjoyed the fragrance until you smell Rick’s coffee. The fresh aroma of grinding beans to the process of making a cup of coffee – whether it is a press (my favorite) or drip – you are in for a treat. I just enjoyed a cup of Ethiopian Sidamo and I am not going to give you the frangrances – I suggest you try for yourself. Over the Holidays I cut up onions and then used Rick’s coffee bean soap and my hands were odor free. I told Rick that I had put a couple of coffee beans in a small dish in my kitchen and he suggest a small cheese cloth bag of bean will keep your kitchen odor free. I have eaten coffee beans after eating garlic or onions and it appears to have a clensing effect. I spoke to a friend last night and he asked if I was aware that airlines put coffee pods in restrooms on planes. I am truly starting to believe we do not know all the benefits of good coffee. A tip of the Hat to Rick’s Coffee. The knowledge he has shared has enriched my life – thank you, Linda Rumsey

    1. says:

      Hi Linda!
      I get very happy when I realize that my coffee passion has made an impact on someones daily life, thank you! Coffee is a bean of many uses and benefits. You know where I am, I am here to roast a custom bag, and share coffee talk with you anytime!!!

  20. Jolie says:

    On his visit to Belize with his wife Candy, Rick made a stop at the restaurant where I work as a wait staff. Even though I served sub par coffee to this coffee connoisseur, I still lucked out with a gift of two of his coffee soaps and his home crafted bamboo espresso stirrer.

    While the stirrer is still just functioning as kitchen decor, the coffee soaps were definitely put to use — every day! I loved my coffee soap, and after it was finished it has hardly bearable to use my boyfriend’s Irish Spring!

    Rick’s coffee soap smells delicious and the coffee grounds gave me a gentle exfoliation. And sometimes, if I wanted an even more gentle experience with the soap, I would just apply it to my soft loofah first.

    Great lather, great smell, and my skin felt amazing after each shower. Of course, aware of the great effects of coffee grounds on cellulite, I definitely gave those areas extra attention. The soap is rich with grounds to its very last piece.

    Looking forward to your next trip to Belize and more coffee soap, Rick! In the meantime, I’m sticking with our locally made organic soaps. There’s no going back to commercial stuff after you get your hands on this stuff.


    1. says:

      Hi Jolie!
      Thank you so much for the kind words! Luckily for you, your Irish Spring use will end in July because we will be back in Placencia Belize! I am with you on your fondness for the locally made organic Belizean soap! I bought some cocoa soap and loved it!!! I am planning on incorporating Belizean coconut oil and locally grown organic ingredients to make my coffee soap even better! Make sure you are subscribed to my blog because my next two are about Placencia Belize! The first one is more of an informative tour to placencia with a focus on the coffee scene in Placencia. My next one will be all about the food scene in Placencia and Dawn’s Grill & Rick’s Cafe will be featured in the blog!

  21. Having a cup of coffee with Rick. I’m in love with this coffee, I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 4 years old. I know great tasting coffee, and Rick’s coffee is awesome. Hit me back if you have any questions.

  22. Shaul says:

    Holy Java!!
    It’s amazing how different a cup of coffee can taste when the right attention is paid to the roasting the beans perfectly. Rick is not just a gentleman and a scholar but clearly also a coffee master. Thanks for the beans buddy! #nocream #nosugar

  23. Victoria says:

    Thankful for your website I also thought Starbucks was coffee as well but now that I am heresy Ft Campbell I love Mugsys a lovely place for aroma therapy as well as a cup of coffee too it all about appreciation for the bean . Thanks agin ever so much do you ship?

    1. says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Thank you for your comment as well as taking the time to look at my website. Of course we ship. You can click on “buy coffee products here” right from the menu or use this link If you subscribe to my blog and get 4 others to subscribe I will send you a free bar of my coffee soap.
      If you do, you can email me directly at to let me know the emails of your friends who subscribe. Thanks again. Remember life is too short to drink bad coffee.

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